Azer Ahadov: Over 120 state institutions have approved internal information security guidelines

As a result of the methodical assistance provided by the State Service of Special Communication and Information Security of the Republic of Azerbaijan and trainings held, currently, more than 120 state institutions have developed and approved their internal information security guidelines in accordance with the recommendations of the Coordination Commission on Information Security, the Directorate Head of the State Service, Major General Azer Ahadov said at the II Summit Meeting of IT heads of State Institutions.

He said that in order to use the internet safely in state institutions, to strengthen information security, as well as to increase the information and knowledge of employees in the field, the Information Security Coordination Commission prepared the draft 'Instructions on ensuring information security' and sent it to state institutions for implementation in accordance with their activity direction.

Ahadov added that the 'Information security and cyber security strategy' was developed by the Commission.

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