Which popular smartphone is not recommended to buy in 2023?

Not all popular smartphones deserve attention, even if they have good characteristics at first glance. Some experts advise not to buy the Samsung Galaxy A53 released at the end of last year this year, despite its popularity.

As the technobloggers of the "Палач" site assure, this model is inferior to the new A54 device, and the price difference is small (both can be bought for about 300-315 dollars), and the novelty is even cheaper on some platforms.

According to bloggers, the Galaxy A54 has a better glass back panel and an improved display that is 200 nits brighter than the Galaxy A53's display. In addition, the A54 is equipped with an Exynos 1380 processor, thanks to which the performance of the device has increased by 25% compared to the weaker Exynos 1280 installed in the A53.

The A53 camera also loses to the new model: although it has more megapixels (64 versus 50), the old camera shoots worse.

Samsung is one of the top 10 smartphone manufacturers in the world. Recently, Samsung Galaxy A13 was included in the list of the best budget smartphones of 2023. And Samsung Galaxy S23 took the 7th place in the list of 15 most popular smartphones on the market.

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