Azerbaijani Equestrian triumphs at "Maxima Masters" Championship in Moscow

Azerbaijani athlete Aydin Alibeyov emerged victorious at the "Maxima Masters" championship in Moscow, held in the discipline of dressage, SIA reports.

During the four-day competition, our representative competed with three horses, securing 4 gold medals in the category of young horses (ages 5-7) and 2 gold medals and 1 bronze in the "Gold Tour" category for mature horses.

Based on the final results, Azerbaijan has been recognized as the top-performing country among the CIS states in the history of the "Maxima Masters" championship in the youth horse category, with Alibeyov being the first athlete to achieve this feat.

Another member of the team, Aqata Zahrabayeva, secured second place with a score of 69.7% in an international competition among ponies held in Troisdorf, Germany.

Azerbaijan's national team in dressage was established in 2023 with the support and initiative of the Azerbaijan Equestrian Federation. The main goal of the team is to qualify and represent the country at the Summer Olympics scheduled to be held in Los Angeles, USA, in 2028.

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