France does not hide its hostile position - COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN COMMENTED

"The purpose of French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonnade's visit to the region, the essence of her proposals and her bluffs in Yerevan were known in advance to everyone who is engaged in politics and appreciates the ugly position of France. Today, led by Macron, France's ruling circles, parliament, and most of its politicians follow what Armenia says and play to the tune of the aggressors. In fact, this stems from Armenian love, respect and reverence for the Armenian people," Chairman of the Agrarian Policy Committee of the Milli Majlis, MP Tahir Rzayev said in his statement to SIA.

According to the chairman of the committee, the main aspect is the fertilization and adaptation of two aggressive and hypocritical traits.

"Like the Armenians, the French were bloodthirsty, cruel and oppressive, aggressors and traitors. The number of cities and villages, countries, and people they killed is unknown, and this disregard for humanity and international law continues today. The people of Azerbaijan are witnesses of what path France has taken and what goals it has served during the nearly 30 years of co-chairing the Minsk Group of the OSCE. In those years when our lands were under the foothold of Armenian aggressors, despite the fact that there were four resolutions of the UN Security Council on the unconditional withdrawal of the occupied territories by Armenian armed forces, France did not once voice the rightful demand of Azerbaijan, on the contrary, it defended the aggressor and supported the fascists. We saw this ugly position clearly again during the 44-day war, and during that period, French President Macron, the parliament of this country, and political circles resorted to all kinds of disgusting methods and means of influence to prevent Azerbaijan from a righteous struggle and liberating its lands. In the following years and until today, France is in the position of enemy to Azerbaijan, friend and brother to Armenia. In such circumstances, Catherine Colonna's visit to Azerbaijan could not promise anything good, and it really didn't.

From the statements made by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev during the meeting, it became clear once again that the French diplomat did not come to Azerbaijan to restore peace and stability between the two countries, to clarify certain issues, but actually to defend Armenia. The President of Azerbaijan specifically stated that Armenia does not fulfill its obligations after the 44-day war, does not comply with the requirements of the November 10 Declaration. It does not allow the creation of a corridor between Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan. It does not withdraw its armed forces from our territories, it uses the Lachin road not for humanitarian purposes, but for the purpose of transporting weapons and ammunition, to accommodate terrorists, and to commit provocations on the border. Of course, due to all this, it was important to establish a border checkpoint at the beginning of the Lachin-Khankendi road, and this is important for the protection of the sovereign rights of our country and the security of our state.

It is very strange and unbecoming of a diplomat that despite the fact that Catherine Colonna expressed some neutral and positive opinions at the press conference in Baku, she voiced completely opposite opinions in Armenia.

She said that, "France is ready to support any decision that will ensure the right of inviolability of the Armenian population of Nagorno-Karabakh, preserving its history and culture. This is their exclusive right," she called on Armenians to fight again.

Mrs. Catherine does not understand that no one has taken away the rights of the Armenians living in Karabakh. However, there is a fight against their acts of arming, aggressing, killing civilians, and committing terrorism. No one can accept the independence claims of a handful of Armenians, the initiative to arm themselves, and the desire to wage war against the state of which they are citizens. Diplomat Catherine does not yet know that Azerbaijan is not the former Azerbaijan or North African country for her. Azerbaijan is a state that has been in struggles for a long time, has a determined and wise President, Commander-in-Chief, a strong and strong army, and a loyal, fighting people. You can't talk to him by dictation and force, and not only France, but all pro-Armenian countries should know this," said Tahir Rzayev.

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