Ministry of Health: Azerbaijan has all possibilities for diagnosing monkeypox

The Ministry of Health has released information about bringing monkeypox tests to Azerbaijan.

SİA informs that the information says:

"Monkeypox test kits have been brought to Azerbaijan. Recently, monkeypox cases, which are endemic mainly in African countries, have been found in other countries as well. In this regard, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan has appealed to the WHO to buy and bring diagnostic tests of the indicated disease to the country.

As a result of the application, 3,000 diagnostic tests have already been brought to Azerbaijan by the WHO and handed over to the Center for the Control of Especially Dangerous Infections of the Ministry of Health. Thus, if suspected cases of monkeypox imported from other countries are registered in Azerbaijan, all possibilities are already available for laboratory diagnosis of disease cases by the PCR method. When suspect cases are determined, laboratory confirmation of the disease will be an absolute requirement."

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