Over 30% of Japan's elderly receive 1st virus shot

Data released by the Japanese government shows over 30 percent of Japan's elderly population has received the first dose of coronavirus vaccine, according to NHK World.

Japan's vaccine rollout started in February, initially targeting healthcare workers. It was expanded in April to include people who will turn 65 years old in the current fiscal year or older.

The latest data shows that as of Friday, 11 million 55,472 people or 31.15 percent of the elderly had received their first vaccine shot. The number of people who had received their second dose stood at 1 million 804,300 people or 5.08 percent.

In Tokyo, 33.57 percent of the elderly had received their first shot and 4.47 percent their second. In Osaka, the corresponding figures were 27.36 percent and 3.90 percent.

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