Israeli Ambassador visits medical institution, where veterans are treated

Israeli Ambassador to Azerbaijan George Deek has visited the National Ophthalmology Center named after the Academician Zarifa Aliyeva, SİA reports citing press service of the Israeli Embassy.

Ambassador noted that Israeli doctors, nurses, and technicians in Azerbaijan have treated more than 100 veterans.

“I talked to one of the Israeli doctors. The doctor said that during this period he carried out more operations than he did in Israeli hospitals in 6 months. Namely, this is the spirit of our cooperation. It is the spirit of the friendship between Israel and Azerbaijan, We want to help to restore the health of these people in Azerbaijan, return self-confidence, abilities and live a good, normal, and worthy life in Azerbaijan - in their homeland. I believe that it is a sign of friendship between our countries. I believe that our friendship will further develop in the future,” stressed the ambassador.

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