UK pharmacies struggle to meet demand as drug shortage worsens

The United Kingdom is grappling with a significant shortage of prescription drugs, with nearly half of the population experiencing difficulties obtaining essential medications, according to a recent survey conducted by Opinium and reported by The Guardian.

According to SİA, the survey revealed that a staggering 49% of respondents had encountered issues with prescription fulfillment over the past two years, a period during which supply problems have escalated dramatically. Shockingly, one in every 12 people (8%) was left entirely without the necessary medications, as they were unable to find the required drugs at any pharmacy.

Furthermore, 31% of those surveyed discovered that their nearest and most convenient pharmacy did not have the medication they needed in stock, while 23% of pharmacies were found to have insufficient supplies of essential drugs.

Among the most frequently cited reasons for this dire situation were the UK's exit from the European Union (Brexit), rising inflation, and global tensions. The combination of these factors has created a perfect storm, leading to severe disruptions in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

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