Turkish minister: Increase in average annual temperature can cause food crises

An increase in the average annual temperature can cause food crises, Mehmet Ozhaseki, Minister of Environment, Urban Planning and Climate Change of Türkiye, said at the 2nd Meteorological Forum of the Turkic World, Report informs.

He said that recently the consequences of climate change have been observed globally: “According to scientific studies, the average annual temperature in the world has increased by 1.1C. If this temperature rises by 2C, food crises and wars may occur. The biggest cause of climate change is industrialization and the growth of cities. There are countries like India and the US among the countries that pollute the world the most.”

The minister also emphasized that Azerbaijan and Türkiye are located in a beautiful geography: “As Türkiye, we declare that we will always stand by our brotherly country Azerbaijan, be it political, environmental, economic, or other aspects.”

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