The next exams held by the Ministry of Education

On June 12, the State Examination Center will hold entrance exams in foreign languages ​​and doctoral exams at the doctoral and dissertation levels. Today, as well as graduates of the current year who did not take part in the Azerbaijani language exam held on May 8 on general (9-year) and full (11-year) secondary education within the final exam, who applied for admission to higher and secondary special education institutions, but On the 8th, a test exam (second attempt) on the subject of the Azerbaijani language will be organized for the entrants of the current and previous years who received an “unacceptable” grade in the exam.

1718 people (1672 people in English, 24 people in French, 22 people in German), 491 people in the doctoral exam (470 people in English, 14 people in French, 7 people in German) registered for the entrance exam for the doctoral program, SIA reports quoting AZERTAC. In addition, 9 foreigners will take the Doctor of Philosophy exam in the Azerbaijani language

Two candidates with physical disabilities will also take part in the exam. A special hall has been set aside for them to take the exam comfortably and individual supervisors have been appointed.

1153 entrants (students) are expected to take part in the Azerbaijani language (as the state language) exam.

The exams start at 11:00. Release mode ends at 10:45. After that, the participants are not allowed to enter the exam building.

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