Ceremony holds in Baku connected with the day of Turkish Army

Solemn ceremony connected with the day of Turkish Army has been held in Baku by the leadership military attaché Turkey Embassy in Azerbaijan. As SIA reports besides the representatives of Turkey Embassy military attaches of embassies in Azerbaijan, head persons of Ministry of defence and internal affairs, MPs head of some press organizations attended to the event.
Speaking in the event military attaché of Turkey in Azerbaijan general-major Ozhan Ayash said that Turkish army owned the modernist weapons is very powerful: "Fight of Turkey Armed Forces against terrorism is an example for peace".
Saying that the military partnership between Azerbaijan and Turkey founded during the presidency of National Leader Haydar Aliyev military attaché added that at the moment this cooperation is in a high level.
Then banquet has been organized for guests.
Note that every year August 30 is celebrated as day of Turkey Army.

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