Ukrainian Ambassador: “The reports about Ukraine’s arms sale to Armenia are false”

Ukraine’s Ambassador to Azerbaijan Alexander Mishchenko said the reports about Ukraine’s arms sale to Armenia are false.

These reports won’t influence the relationship between Azerbaijan and Ukraine, Alexander Mishchenko: "The claims that Ukraine sent and continues to send arms to Armenia are not true. There are so warm and transparent friendly relations between Azerbaijan and Ukraine that we never hide anything’.

The ambassador thinks that maybe such information was spread by the people who dislike these relations: "If good relations are established between two countries someone doesn’t like it. If you think about this you will understand who doesn’t like it".

Recently reports have been spread about the arms deal between the Ukrspetsexport and DG Arms Corporation (the mediator of Armenian Defense Ministry) on 12 units of Smerch multiple rocket launching systems and their components, 50 Igla MANPADS supply.

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