Russia may reject Gabala radar lease

Russia's Defense Ministry is disappointed with the nonconstructive approach of the Azerbaijani side to coordination of Gabala radar leasing terms.

The statement came from a source close to the Defense Ministry of Russia,Interfaxreports.
According to the source, Moscow is bewildered at the unfounded multifold increase in the radar rental fee and the noncontinuous term of rent. The sourse made it clear that the proposed annual cost of the rent is comparable with the cost of construction of two new similar stations in Russia. "In addition, Gabala radar needs deep modernization which requires significant financial costs.

Therefore, the Russian Defense Ministry is interested in the use of such radar for at least 10-15 years for the investment in modernization to be paid off", the sources said. According to the sources, the demands of the Azerbaijani side 'do not meet the agreement on the preservation of the Russian presence at the station reached between Russia and Azerbaijan at a high level last year".

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