Uzeir Novruzov: "The first shopping festival is a marvelous idea"

"I was pleased to know about the first shopping festival being held in Baku in 2017. I think it is a marvelous idea that may arouse interest and encourage large number of tourists from different countries to visit Baku. Inflow of tourists means income to economy of the country".SİA informs citing the press service of the Festival, that a well-known circus performer Uzeir Novruzov said it.U.Novruzov noted that shopping festival is a "kind of feast for tourists with entertainment events and concerts, chance for a beneficial shopping and tasting incredible Azerbaijani cuisine and at the end of the day, a cup of tea in a tea house".He stressed to be proud of his Azerbaijani origin and advised everybody to visit Azerbaijan."Even after everything I saw in tours across the globe, when I come to Baku, I am always surprised and amazed with the changing city. In America I hear more often about Azerbaijan, meet people who either visited or are going to visit Baku. They are astonished with the trip to our marvelous country and hospitality of our people. Perhaps, it is because of such large-scale events held in the country as Eurovision, First European Games, Formula-1 Grand Prix. I would strongly recommend readers to visit Azerbaijan. I am sure you wouldn’t regret about it!" the performer said and added that he will do his best to attend the next Baku Shopping Festival.Notably, known in USA as "Azerbaijani Charlie Chaplin", finalist of "America’s Got Talent" show, circus performer Uzeir Novruzov became Guinness World Records title holder for standing on 6 meter high ladder for 7 minutes 50 seconds.

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