Milk is one of the best and nutritious foods

Milk is a food which contains all necessary nourishing things for human` s normal vital functions beginning from birth till old age. Milk is one of the best and nutritious foods. Milk contains a spacious complex of vitamins, hormones and antibodies which fight against disease-causing microbes.

It contains all elements for healthy bones, teeth, blood and nervous tissue. No other natural food compares with milk in relation to its total chemical composition.

The one of the main components of milk is protein. Milk contains all essential proteins required by humans and these proteins are digested faster than meat or fish proteins.

And what do you mean when speaking about high-quality milk? The answer is unequivocal- this is a food which contains minimum harmful bacteria! For this purpose you may use fresh milk with antibodies destroying freely harmful microorganisms for human` s organism within a few hours.

But how to save all diversity of healthy substances of this product when milk is not fresh? Is it possible for new technology to save milk in high quality and safe such as its being on bactericidal phase? Is it possible to substitute fresh milk with refined milk? Yes!

Ultra-pasteurization or high-temperature processing (UHT — Ultra High Temperature) — this is more modern technology invented in the 50th of last century.

Milla Dairy Plant produces milk using UHT processing. Taking into account the fact of raw milk shortage in Azerbaijan and caring about the health of Azeri people this popular Azeri brand chose this way of producing milk.

The secret of ultra-pasteurization (UHT) is whole cleaning of bacteria in milk particular aseptic technology of milk filling into bottles. Such kind of processing allows to production of high-quality milk which you do not need to boil! You know, boiled milk loses its healthy features to a considerable extent. During boiling process proteins are decomposed and perceptible for heating vitamin C is destroyed. Whereas calcium and phosphorus overturn to insoluble substances which are not digested by human` s organism.

Unlike more common pasteurization after which milk still keeps some heat-resistant bacteria and their piles ultra-pasteurization (UHT) is carried out in higher temperature — 135-137°С, in this case it is possible to destruct bacteria completely, but not all healthy components are kept in milk because processing lasts only 2-4 second! This is especially important you know, in such conditions milk sugar (lactose) is not decomposed, also minerals (especially calcium), vitamins keep their features.

Nowadays ultra-pasteurization (UHT-technology) is more advanced and significant method of milk processing in the world. The Institute of Food Technologies in USA in 1989 recognized this system as "the greatest achievement of food technologies of twentieth century".

So the most useful food for us is fresh milk which contains nutrients and has antibacterial features. However, as you see, UHT-milk (milk produced by ultra-pasteurization method) also is qualitative product which is not backward in comparison with fresh milk because of progressive method of approaching and uncommon technology of heat processing by keeping all necessary useful substances for human health.

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