In a changing world, Armenia remains steadfast, or more accurately, they are even regressing. Certain changes have occurred in Europe. Socialists have come to power in France which means that they will not be working for the world economy or to strengthen the position of the Euro. And the Greeks do not want their country to be "sold" to repay their debts. If Greece leaves the Euro zone, this will lead to a second look given to the system.

In Armenia, however, the events are taking a completely different turn. Cracks in the old system are continuing to have deeper effects. No one knows for sure for what or whom the Armenian people have "voted" for. There are no rights or lefts here. No one promises the liberalization of neither social reform nor the economy within the European course. The Armenian society is in a life-and-death struggle. It is as if society as a whole is gathered around a battleground to watch two armies –The Republic party on one side and the Prosperous Armenia party of the other – try to win the battle. However, this time it is not the people that have come to watch, but by paying for the tickets, those who invited them to watch are in a way encouraging them to support the battle with their own voices.

By reiterating about westernizing, Sarkisyan continues to give statements directed towards extending relations with NATO. This situation cannot leave Western diplomats without confusion, because everyone knows that Armenia is constantly pursuing policies lined up with Russian interests. When news spread that Russia would not be attending the third meeting of Friends of Syria Group in the French capital of Paris, analogically, Armenia’s absence was also predicted. Whatever the case may be, Western diplomats know exactly what stands behind this mysterious policy. After the March 2008 events, Russia lost "its main man" – Robert Kocharyan. In a situation like this, possibilities of becoming closer to the West and developing relations with a number of European countries were created. In order to gain "influence" in the international community, Sarkisyan turned to football diplomacy with Turkey. In a way, this was a play intended to show himself as "democratic, liberal," and despite all the difficulties regarding relations, as having the potency to take the first step.

The situation that arose in 2008 still prevails. Yerevan is playing a double game with both Russia and the West. As a result, it is never clear as to whom Armenians are serving or who they are afraid of. I would like to conclude the article with the words of A. S. Pushkin, great poet, writer and playwright: "You are a coward, you are a slave, you are Armenian." These words are in line with the context of Armenian territory claims against neighboring countries, because stealing does not end at just stealing someone’s belongings. Just by expressing an attempt and making a claim, you are considered a thief.

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