Zelenskyy: ‘Russia will not get new territory in Ukraine

“Russia will not get new territory in Ukraine. It can still be stopped,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in Russian in a nightly address on the Telegram messaging app, SİA informs.

“The price of one person in Russia wanting to continue this war will be that the entire Russian society will be left without a normal economy, without a decent life, and without respect for any human values. In order to stop this, you have to stop the one in Russia who wants war more than life. Your life, citizens of Russia,” he said.

“Tomorrow is another day of our struggle, another day on the road to victory. Will it be special for us? Today will be another day that will bring us closer to safety and peace. For the restoration of our territorial integrity... Russia will not get new territory in Ukraine, and Russia will join the disaster it has brought to the occupied territory of our country,” the Ukrainian leader stressed.

The President said that an extraordinary meeting of the National Security and Defense Council will be held on September 30, and decisions will be made there.

“And we know how to respond to any Russian move,” Zelenskyy added.

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