EU official accuses Putin of 'very dangerous nuclear gamble

The European Union executive on Wednesday accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of a "very dangerous nuclear gamble" and said the international community had to put pressure on him to "stop such reckless behavior," SİA informs with reference to foreign media sources.

"Putin is doing a nuclear gamble. He's using the nuclear element as part of his arsenal of terror. It's unacceptable," a foreign policy spokesman for the European Commission, Peter Stano, said.

Stano also pointed out that "Putin is not only attacking Ukraine" but "decided to attack the international community that believes in the rules on which the current world is being based," including the UN Charter and principles of international law.

"The international community should be united in exercising the necessary pressure on Putin to stop such reckless behavior," he further said. "The recent announcement on the Russian army's partial mobilization and referendums in four Ukrainian regions are "just another proof of Putin is not interested in peace, that he's interested in escalating his war of aggression."

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