Armenian Emergency Ministry: Rescuers searching for 18 people under rubbles of Surmalu shopping center

Currently, 18 citizens are being searched for under the rubbles of the exploded Surmalu shopping center in Yerevan, Emergency Situations Minister Armen Pambukhchyan said, SİA informs via Armenian media.

“There are searches for 18 people, information about whom we have. It is known whether they were visitors or employees of the shopping center. Currently, 23 citizens are receiving treatment in various medical centers,” the minister said.

According to him, the fire on the territory of Surmalu is extinguished, but from time to time there are small fires. Pambukhchyan noted that pyrotechnic materials, as well as flammable plastic products, still remain in the warehouse. Explosions can occur for several days, and rescuers are ready for this. Currently, only the territory of the warehouse is burning, the fire has been extinguished in the rest of the territory.

As for the work of rescuers, yesterday 350 people worked at the scene, now there are about 70 of them. The minister said that seven rescuers received various injuries. Two were hospitalized, and the rest received medical care on the spot.


Six people were killed and 61 injured in the explosion on Sunday in the Surmalu shopping center in Yerevan, the Emergency Situations Ministry of Armenia said, SİA informs via Interfax.

The ministry noted that 15 people are currently considered missing.

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan arrived at the site on Monday morning.


The death toll from the explosion at the Surmalu wholesale market in Yerevan has risen to five, the press service of the Armenian Ministry of Emergency Situations said on Monday, SİA informs, citing TASS.

"Rescuers extracted two bodies from under the rubble of the market building. That takes the death toll to five people," the statement says.

More than 60 people were injured, 17 are considered missing as a result of the explosion.

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