Ambassador: “Azerbaijan has sent humanitarian aid worth $20 million to Ukraine so far”

"I am glad our next meeting will be in a symbolic place - Baku airport. From here, the next humanitarian aid is being sent from Azerbaijan to Ukraine. I sincerely express my gratitude to friendly Azerbaijan and all Azerbaijani people for such important humanitarian assistance to Ukraine," Ukrainian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Vladislav Kanevsky.

"Since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Azerbaijan has delivered 1,500 tons of important humanitarian cargo worth $20 million to Ukraine. It is not just a formal gesture, Azerbaijan is sending vital aid to the civilians of Ukraine, who have become the target of the aggressor. It includes various medicines and medical equipment. It is gratifying that the delivery of humanitarian aid to Ukraine has reached a new level," the diplomat stressed.

The ambassador thanked the Executive Power of Sumgayit City for sending aid to the sister city of Cherkasy.

"This initiative became an example for other cities and regions of Azerbaijan that started actively sending aid to Ukraine. It is a real gesture of friendship between the peoples of Ukraine and Azerbaijan," he added. "As you know, Ukraine has been resisting Russian military aggression for more than four months. Unfortunately, the enemy does not spare children, women and the elderly. They are purposefully targeting infrastructure facilities of Ukraine and killing civilians. We understand that the goal of the Kremlin is not just to seize a part of the Ukrainian territory, it is the genocide of the Ukrainian nation. That is why every citizen of Ukraine understands that if we stop fighting, Ukraine can be erased from the world map. It is the genocide of the Ukrainian people. We believe in friendship between the peoples of Ukraine and Azerbaijan. We believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We believe in the victory of Ukraine. Long live Ukraine! Long live Azerbaijan! If I'm not mistaken, this is the 7th or 8th plane. I've lost the count a bit. Assistance is provided by both land and air transport. The main thing is that the process is carried out regularly. Because the longer the war, the more important this help becomes."

Today, the next humanitarian aid containing food, daily necessities, clothing and primary medical supplies with a total weight of 45.382 tons will be sent from Azerbaijan to Ukraine. The Executive Power of Sumgayit City organized the assistance.

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