Scholz tells CBS no one knows how long Russia will conduct operation in Ukraine

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said in an interview that aired on Sunday that it was hard to predict how long the Russian military operation in Ukraine will last as Moscow has considerable resources to carry on.

When asked when Russia, amid sanctions, could run out of resources that enable it to continue the operation, Scholz said, "No one really knows."

Russian President Vladimir Putin "is perhaps the leader of a very great country with a lot of people living there, with a lot of means," the chancellor said. "He will be able to continue with the war really a long time."

"The conflict will end when Putin understands that he will not be successful with idea to conquer part of the territory of his neighbor," Scholz said.

When asked how realistic, he thought, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky was in saying he wished the conflict would end before the end of the year, Scholz said, "It is very difficult to judge whether this is realistic, because this is something that is decided on the ground."

He said the West is "able to support the Ukraine as long as necessary."

The goal, Scholz said, is "avoiding that the outcome of this war is what Putin is looking for: a dictated peace. And this is something that neither the Ukraine nor we will accept. So, it is necessary that we continue with this very strong support. And it is necessary that we also continue with all the sanctions we imposed on Russia."

Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier said the Russian special military operation will last until its original objectives are achieved, unless an agreement that’s acceptable for everyone is reached at talks.

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