New strikes across Ukraine as G7 leaders gather

At least 14 missiles have hit Kyiv - one attack on a residential apartment block killed at least one person and injured others.

This morning's attack on the capital was one of several Russia launched on Ukraine today.

The attacks came as the G7 summit got going in Germany - leaders share the goal of cutting the "oxygen from Russia's war machine", says the European Council president.

Speaking at the side-lines of the summit, UK PM Boris Johnson says the war is at a critical point but there is an opportunity to turn the tide.

US President Biden, who was also at the summit, says the West must stand united in the face of Russia's invasion.

In his nightly address, Zelensky said the war had entered a "morally and emotionally difficult stage".

On Saturday Russia took full control of Severodonetsk - the key eastern city that's been the scene of weeks of heavy fighting.

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