Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry: Another unfounded statement by Armenia causes regret

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan commented on the statement of the Armenian Foreign Ministry regarding the speech of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, on May 27 in the Zangilan district, SİA informs.

The Azerbaijani Foreign Affairs Ministry noted that the Armenian Foreign Ministry issued another unfounded statement, and it is regrettable.

“Armenia, which has been violating the fundamental principles of international law for almost 30 years, pursuing an aggressive policy and grossly violating the human rights of about a million Azerbaijanis, has recently often referred to international law,” the Azerbaijani ministry said in the statement.

The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry also noted that, unlike Yerevan, official Baku has always respected the principles of international law and has consistently demonstrated this position.

“As for the statements of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Zangilan district liberated from occupation, we bring to the attention of the Armenian Foreign Ministry that the head of the Azerbaijani state calls for refraining from behavior that does not comply with the principles of international law and warns of the dangers that such unlawful behavior may pose,” the Foreign Ministry said.

The statement also emphasizes that there are revanchist forces in Armenia at the post-conflict stage that encourage such dangerous behavior.

“The Armenian side must understand that attempts to implement the behavior of a decade ago are nothing but a fantasy. Only a correct assessment of the new realities and new opportunities that have developed in the region can lead to correct results,” the ministry added.

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