Iran says arrested French nationals helped foment protests

Two French nationals arrested by Iranian intelligence last week helped organise protests by teachers, SIA reports quoting the Iran’s state television.

The broadcaster aired a four-minute report on Tuesday that provided more details about the arrest of the two earlier in May, which prompted condemnation by the French foreign ministry.

Showing CCTV footage and images, the report said 37-year-old Cécile Kohler and her 69-year-old husband were being monitored by Iranian intelligence from the moment their plane touched down in Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport in the early hours of April 28.

“According to the intelligence ministry, they entered using tourist visas, but monitoring their movements and meetings showed other intents,” the report said.

“The intelligence ministry observed them in organisation and coordination meetings with people who regard themselves as members of the Teachers Guild Union.”

State TV showed a group picture taken after an alleged meeting, as well as clips purporting to show how some of those present participated in teachers’ protests or spoke with foreign outlets. It also aired a few seconds of secretly recorded voices, which allegedly belong to the arrested individuals, who are discussing the protests.

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