Peskov tells about very positive contacts with EU on vaccination certificates recognition

Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov has described contacts with the European Union on mutual recognition of COVID vaccination certificates as "very positive," SİA reports citing TASS.

"There have been very positive contacts. Now, let us say, we are analyzing ‘homework,’" he said in an answer to a question. "It (possible recognition of vaccination certificates - Red) is a technological process and there are many technological tasks," he said, when asked what he meant under "homework."

"But there are grounds to think that we will be able to attain positive dynamics and reach mutual recognition [of certificates] in several months," he said.

Russia and the European Union are currently in talks on mutual recognition of COVID vaccination certificates. Russia’s Sputnik V has not yet been granted an authorization of the European Medical Agency (EMA) for the use in the European Union. The European Commission’s position concerning the Russian vaccine has not changed after the launch of the EU COVID-19 certificates system in early July. EU countries using the Sputnik V vaccine, such as Hungary, have the right to issue EU Digital COVID Certificates for this vaccine but other member nations can either accept these documents or not at their discretion.

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