Bill Gates announced the end of the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic will end in 2022 at best. reports that, this opinion was expressed by the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, in an interview with Fox News.

Bill Gates was asked when the sanitary-epidemiological situation in the United States and the world as a whole could return to normal.

"We hope that if the introduction of vaccines is approved in early 2021, then the situation in the United States will return to normal, and, of course, if we help other countries, our activities will return to normal by the end of next year," he said.

"At best, the epidemic is likely to end in 2022. But in 2021, if there is a global approach, we need to lower the indicators (the spread of infection).

Thank God, vaccine development technologies already exist, financial work has been done, and companies have provided the best specialists. Therefore, I am optimistic that all this will not last forever," he said.

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