Turkey arrests four of Baghdadi's relatives

Four close relatives of dead Daesh leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi have been arrested in a central Anatolian province on Saturday.

Kirsehir chief public prosecutor’s office said 25 close relatives of Baghdadi have been remanded in Kirsehir-based operations in four provinces.The four relatives were arrested by Kirsehir Peace Penal Court for "being members of armed terror group," according to the statement from the prosecutor's office.Other 21 suspects were remanded in Turkey's Kirsehir, Samsun, Ordu and Sanliurfa provinces.

After interrogations in Kirsehir Provincial Security Directorate, 21 suspects, including two children, were sent to Kirsehir Governorate to be sent to the repatriation centre.The arrests came a week after Turkish security forces captured the sister of Baghdadi in the northern Syrian town of Azaz. Awad was captured from a trailer container she was living in with her family. A senior Turkish official had called the arrest an intelligence "gold mine."

Baghdadi died alongside three of his children by detonating an explosive-laden vest when he fled US forces during an attack in northwest Syria, US President Donald Trump said.The raid was a major blow to the group, which has lost territories it held in Syria and Iraq in a series of military defeats by the US-led coalition and Syrian and Iraqi allies.

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