Belarus President says he can't afford to take a break

Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has revealed that he cannot take a break from his duties, unlike some other world leaders.

In a recent statement, Lukashenko said that he cannot take a vacation because he does not have a vice president who can temporarily take over his responsibilities.

However, Lukashenko's reasons for not taking a break are not the only ones. In an interview, he also mentioned that he has always considered himself a "simple man" and has never had the desire to take time off to relax.

In contrast, Russian President Vladimir Putin is known for his busy work schedule and only takes breaks on rare occasions. In an interview, Putin mentioned that he plans to spend New Year's Eve with his family and friends, enjoying a glass of champagne and celebrating the winter holidays together.

The Kremlin has confirmed that Putin typically takes breaks on weekends during the summer months, but does not have any vacation plans. According to Putin's press secretary, Dmitri Peskov, "he doesn't have any vacations".

The contrast between Lukashenko's and Putin's approach to taking breaks has raised eyebrows among observers. While Lukashenko is known for his authoritarian style of leadership, Putin is often seen as more relaxed and laid-back.

Regardless of the reasons behind their decisions, it is clear that both leaders are committed to their duties and will not be taking any extended breaks anytime soon.

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