Hungary Vetoes European Council's Resolution on Russia-Ukraine Conflict Resolution

Hungary has vetoed the European Council's resolution on resolving the Russia-Ukraine conflict through peaceful means, according to a statement by Foreign Minister Peter Siyarto.

The resolution was proposed by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and aimed to address the conflict through diplomatic means, SIA reports.

Siyarto stated that Hungary finds the resolution unacceptable because it does not consider other peace plans. He noted that Hungary has also submitted other draft resolutions, but they were rejected by the European Council.

The announcement comes as a peace conference is set to take place in Switzerland on June 15-16, where Ukraine and other participants will discuss the conflict's resolution through diplomatic means. The conference will be attended by state and government leaders, high-ranking officials, and diplomats from various international organizations.

Hungary's move is seen as a significant setback for the European Council's efforts to resolve the conflict peacefully. The Swiss Foreign Ministry believes that the peace summit initiative will bring the Russia-Ukraine conflict closer to its conclusion.

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