China wants peace but won’t allow violation of its sovereignty — general

China advocates peace, but will not allow violation of its sovereignty, Vice Chairman of China’s Central Military Commission General Zhang Youxia said at the opening of the 19th Western Pacific Naval Symposium.

"Confrontation between the camps still exists. We must decisively abandon Cold War thinking. The policy of force is unpopular," he said.

The official urged countries to fully consider each other's security interests, promote multilateralism, dialogue and mutually beneficial cooperation.

"The Chinese people support peace and do not plan to wage a cold war with any country, but will not allow its territorial sovereignty to be violated or its core interests to be questioned. We do not create problems, but we are not afraid of them either. The Chinese military will resolutely defend the unity of the country and national interests as a whole," Zhang Youxia said.

He also said wars and conflicts are frequent, but there are no winners, and the use of force does not solve problems. Speaking about current conflicts in the world, Zhang Youxia called on conflicting sides to be prudent and restrained, and urged other countries from interfering, adding fuel to the fire, or using war for their own benefit.

The symposium has 29 member countries and seven more countries have the status of observers. Russia is represented by Navy Commander-in-Chief Alexander Moiseyev.

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