Ruble Weakens Without Supporting Factors, Experts Say

Analysts at Bogdan Zvarich have provided insight into the recent depreciation of the ruble, SIA reports citing Russian media.

The analyst stated that they do not see any significant factors that could reverse the ruble's current position. They believe that the ruble will fluctuate between 90-95 rubles until the end of summer.

However, if imports increase and sanctions risks materialize, the ruble could weaken to 95-100 rubles.

Naturally, this also applies to the dollar.

However, the expert does not believe that the psychological barrier of 100 rubles will be breached.

Previously, Russian experts had revised their expectations for the ruble for 2024, noting that the national currency would remain at the level of 92.9 rubles per dollar.

They also did not hesitate to suggest that the ruble would weaken over the next two years.

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