Russian Comedian Maksim Galkin strongly condemns attack on Odessa

In the early days of the full-scale occupation, the famous Russian comedian, parodist, and television host Maksim Galkin openly condemned Russian aggression against Ukraine. On the night of March 2, Galkin delivered a powerful and impactful response to the results of Russia's assault on Odessa.

Galkin expressed his sentiments in the Ukrainian languag, SIA reports citing,

In the recent Russian attack on Odessa, 12 civilians, including five children, lost their lives.

Galkin recalled his own childhood spent in a Ukrainian city along the Black Sea coast, where he attended school and learned the Ukrainian language. The artist shared a poignant post on his Instagram page, supplementing it with an archival photo from his childhood, presumably taken with his mother.

Reflecting on his memories of Odessa and expressing grief for the innocent lives lost, Galkin emphasized that justice would inevitably catch up with those responsible for every innocent death.

"Odessa is my childhood. I learned the Ukrainian language in school from the first grade in Odessa. Even my language skills are from my childhood in Odessa. I might be criticized for not openly mourning for all the children who died worldwide, but every blow to Odessa touches my heart. Odessa, I am with you with all my heart. I extend my deepest condolences to the families of those who perished. It is heartbreaking to be powerless, but no one has yet repealed the decree of God," wrote Galkin in Ukrainian.

Recall that after the attack in Odessa resulting in the death of 12 peaceful residents, on the third day, people continue to gather at the multi-storey building, bringing flowers, candles, and toys in an ongoing display of solidarity and mourning.

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