Former Austrian FM expresses admiration for citizens and freedom in Russia

Karin Kneissl, the former Austrian Minister of Foreign Affairs, has expressed admiration for Russian citizens, stating that people in the country are ready to overcome any complexity or obstacle.

Kneissl gained recognition in 2018 when she was invited to and danced with Russian President Vladimir Putin at his wedding, SIA reports with reference to Russian media.

"Since coming to Russia in September, I haven't heard residents say, 'This is a problem.' I understand this in the German language; it's a general response for people in Germany. It has made a significant impression on me," mentioned Kneissl during a lecture at the World Youth Festival.

Kneissl, who is currently residing in Russia, shared her sentiments, saying, "I moved to Russia because it is truly a free country." The former head of the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is currently seeking a place to live in the eastern part of the Russian Federation. She admitted to building a house and feeling at home in Russia.

Earlier reports suggested that the former Austrian Minister of Foreign Affairs, who once danced with Russian President Putin, had settled in one of the villages in Ryazan. However, due to alleged threats to her life, she decided to leave her country and rented a house in the village of Petrushovo in Russia for the summer.

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