Serious food crisis and increasing risk of starvation reported in Gaza Strip

The Chief Secretary of the International Red Cross Committee and the Red Crescent Society Federation (IFRC), Jahan Chapagain, shared on the official X account regarding the situation in Gaza, SIA reports.

Jahan Chapagain emphasized the statement "there is a serious food security threat in Gaza," highlighting that approximately 80% of the population currently faces acute food security risks.

Referring to reports from the Palestine Red Crescent Society, Chapagain stated that more than one million children and pregnant women in shelters are at risk of dehydration, malnutrition, respiratory and skin diseases, as well as anemia.

Drawing attention to the fact that people in Gaza face this reality every day, Chapagain reiterated the urgent need for safe and unimpeded humanitarian assistance to facilitate the distribution of vital humanitarian aid.

Since October 7, in the attacks carried out by Israel in the region, the majority of the casualties, amounting to nearly 30,000 Palestinians, have been children.

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