Global outcry against Israeli attacks continues

The international response to the atrocities committed by Israel in the Gaza Strip continues to gain momentum, with reactions emerging worldwide.

Thousands gathered in front of the municipal building in San Francisco, California, United States, to voice their opposition to Israel's assaults on Gaza and Rafah, SIA reports with reference to Turkish media.

Protesters, wielding banners and Palestinian flags, staged a march that disrupted traffic on the 101 South freeway. The demonstration aimed to draw attention to the ongoing crisis and express solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Simultaneously, in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, hundreds gathered in front of the European Union (EU) Council building during a meeting of foreign ministers from EU member countries. Supporters of the Palestinian cause held a demonstration, urging the EU to take a stance "against Israel's war crimes."

The protesters called on the EU to remain impartial and condemned the military actions taken by Israel in the strongest terms. The demonstrations reflect the global concern for the escalating violence in the region.

As of October 7th, Israel's attacks in Gaza have resulted in the tragic loss of more than 29,000 lives, including over 12,000 children and more than 8,000 women. An additional 69,028 individuals have been reported injured, amplifying the urgent calls for an immediate end to the conflict and a peaceful resolution to the longstanding tensions.

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