Putin emphasizes Russia's special time for innovation and development

Russia is currently undergoing a unique period characterized by its efforts to bring the country to a different level of development.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said during his speech at the "Powerful Ideas for the New Era" forum organized by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), SIA reports with reference to Russian media.

"Powerful ideas are always needed because there are always challenges associated with development. But today, powerful ideas are at the forefront for the new era," Putin stated.

Continuing his address, Putin explained the current unique phase Russia is undergoing. He stated, "Why? Because today, I think everyone will agree with me, we are still going through a special time. And this innovation is about reaching a completely different level of tasks ahead of us, bringing the country to a new level of development."

Putin's statement highlights the importance of forward-thinking and innovative ideas to address the challenges and opportunities that arise during this unique period in Russia's development.

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