AI will cause radical changes in the media landscape

According to experts, artificial intelligence will cause radical changes in the media and entertainment world.

We have decided to find the spheres where AI is used and we can’t imagine our lives without it anymore. But there are many other niches, where AI makes waves.

In this part of the "Interesting moments of life" program, we will evaluate the impact of artificial intelligence on the media.

According to information obtained by SIA from external sources, innovations based on artificial intelligence, in addition to many benefits, can cause unemployment as well as social ethical problems.

Currently, most users share everything from their daily lives to health and education information to consumer spending with this algorithm without even knowing the meaning of AI or algorithm. Concerns about storing collected data and using it to the detriment of humanity are controversial.

This technology that mimics human intelligence reveals that there is a very fine line between dystopia and utopia, and that line is defined by people's priorities. The media industry is one of the areas where the impact of artificial intelligence technologies is most felt.

Kassy Cho, founder and editor-in-chief of "Almost" media platform, and Muhammad Lila, CEO of "Goodable" company, talked about the positive and negative effects of artificial intelligence technologies on media and the changes they bring to the industry.

Pointing to the role of algorithms in the media, Cho said: "It allows journalists to focus on what they are interested in. It can allow us to be more productive, and thus we can spend our time more efficiently." Cho noted that AI cannot be perfect because it relies on human-generated content.

Cho also stressed that he does not think AI technology will cause people to become unemployed. Stating that the use of artificial intelligence in the media will make people better journalists, Cho continued: "I think some people will potentially lose their jobs, but it encourages us to be more creative.

Because AI doesn't generate ideas. It can make us better journalists because we can generate new ideas, come up with new ideas, we can produce new formats, better content. We will focus on thinking about how we can use artificial intelligence to be better journalists.''

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