Lineup change in Azerbaijan's National Basketball Team as Dante Hall joins, replacing Zak Leday

A shift has occurred in the roster of the Azerbaijani national basketball team, composed of male players, SIA reports citing AZƏRTAC.

Zak Leday, who participated in the World Championship qualifying stage match against Sweden, will not be present in the upcoming clash against Kosovo. Dante Hall, representing France's "Monaco" team, will step in to fill the position.

Zak Leday, playing for Serbia's "Partizan" club, left a notable mark in the match against Sweden with 22 points and 6 rebounds. Both players were called up to the national team for this year's summer events.

It's worth noting that Azerbaijan's team suffered a defeat in the first game of the qualifying stage, losing 53-72 to Sweden on the road. Under the leadership of coach Tahir Baxşıyev, the team will face Kosovo in a home game on February 25.

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