WADA imposes sanctions on over 240 Russian athletes

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has imposed sanctions on 241 Russian athletes based on Moscow LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) data and samples retrieved from it, the WADA press service told TASS, SİA informs.

"WADA’s ‘Operation LIMS’ investigation has been a significant success with 241 sanctions having been imposed to date by 18 Anti-Doping Organizations. An additional 41 cases have been charged with another 119 remaining under investigation. A number of further cases were investigated and were closed due to a lack of available evidence," it said.

WADA President Witold Banka said in October 2023 that as many as 222 Russian athletes had been punished on the basis of the LIMS data.

"Operation LIMS is based on data and samples that were successfully retrieved by WADA Intelligence and Investigations (I&I) from the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) of the Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory in 2019. The continued success of Operation LIMS is a testament to the significant work being conducted by the Agency’s I&I, and Legal Affairs departments. We also acknowledge the International Federations and other Anti-Doping Organizations that have diligently followed up on the evidentiary packages that WADA provided to them and continue to bring cases before tribunals as appropriate. WADA is following up with all the relevant authorities involved in the investigation to ensure justice is served for athletes around the world. There is still a lot of work ahead on this file but together, WADA and the anti-doping community are delivering a great result for clean sport," it said.

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