Azercellhas started gradual activation of the digital card

The leading mobile operator opensits digital card to the first batch of its subscribers

Azercell's new Fintech-based project that integrates bank and telco capabilities is now accessible to the first group of customers who had previously pre-ordered Azercelldigital card on the company's website and completed the registration process.

The digital cardthat enables users to make secure cashless payments and conduct other financial transactions via Kabinetim application launches underthe initial set of features, with further capabilities added as the project progresses:

Card and wallet activation – a quick and convenient way to activate the cardthrough the Kabinetim application without the need to visit Azercell sales and service centers and physically sign any document.

Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification–end-to-end digital identification based on facial recognition technologies that helps to verify customer’s identity in real time.
Apple Pay -safe and convenient wayto make cashless payments without disclosing credit card information to the third parties.
C2C (Card to Card) transfers–possibility to transfer funds to any local bank card without incurring any service fees.
W2W (Wallet to Wallet) transfers - possibility to transfer funds from one Azercelldigital card holder to another without incurring any service fees.
In app top-up- possibility to top-up the wallet balance without the need to switch to another bank’s app.
Utility Payments - possibility to pay for utility services at no added cost.

Azercell Digital Cardwhich offers subscribers a comprehensive digital experience has been available for pre-order since July, and activation of the service will continue in the order of registration.

It should be noted that the solution designed for both Prepaid (SimSim) and Postpaid subscribers has been developed in collaboration withPASHA Bank, Visaand AzInTelecom, where the former also acted as an issuer of the digital card.

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