Heydar Aliyev Park reopens after renovation

The Heydar Aliyev park, located in Khatai district of Baku city, was reopened after reconstructive works.

The renovation in the park were carried out by the Executive power of Khatai district with the organizational support of "Regional Development" Public Union, SIA reports.

As part of the reconstruction works carried out in the park, the area of ​​the park was expanded from 4 hectares to 14 hectares, more than 30 thousand trees and flower bushes were planted, 9 hectares were laid with lawn, 7 km of pedestrian and 1.1 km of bicycle lanes were built, 380 light poles and 150 seats were installed, information boards were erected and a parking lot was created. The waterfall and fountain complex in the area has also been repaired. In the picnic areas for visitors, there are 5 different sports and entertainment areas bulit for children and adults. A 918-seat amphitheater has been built in the park as well.

On August 15, a concert program was organized in the park with the participation of well-known artists. Family members of the martyrs, veterans of the war were invited to the concert program.

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