Armenians treated me inhumanely, says Azerbaijani soldier released from captivity

Azerbaijani soldier Amin Musayev, who was released from Armenian captivity and returned back home, spoke about how he had been subjected to torture by Armenians.

Musayev said he called up for military service on mobilization on September 29 last year.

“First we went to Ganja, and from there headed to Fuzuli. We left Fuzuli for Shusha. The last time we moved in the direction of Khankendi,” the soldier said.

Musayev also spoke about how he was captured by Armenian soldiers.

“On my way to Khankendi, I was shot in the thigh, fell forward and fainted. My fellow soldiers thought that I was killed. When I woke up, it was dark, there was no one, and the sound of gunfire had not been heard. I tried to crawl, but I couldn't move my legs. I had been staying there for two nights, and there was a martyr around me. On the third day, I went a little further so that no one could see me,” he said.

The Azerbaijani soldier noted that the Armenians saw him and captured him after going around the hill.

“I took my weapon and tried to open fire at them. But the weapon did not open fire, whether it was raining or damp. I also felt that someone grabbed me by the neck. Instead of being taken prisoner, I thought I would kill one or two of them and fight to the death. They dragged me down. There was a Russian journalist there at that time. The journalist used inappropriate expressions, and I answered. The next time they hit me in the forehead with gunstock. Then I was put in an ambulance. After getting in the car, they started hitting me, and I fainted. When I woke up again I was in the hospital, they operated my leg incorrectly, and when I came back, our doctors operated again."

I was in captivity for more than 30 days. We were kept in an uncomfortable room and it didn't look like a hospital. There was no such thing as humanism or human rights,” he added.

Musayev said he never lost hope of returning to Azerbaijan

"I always asked from the representatives the Red Cross when we would return. Thankfully, in a short time, Mr. President, our Supreme Commander-in-Chief returned me to my homeland. I did not know that the fighting ended on November 10. I learned that the fighting was over and our lands had been liberated when I came back,” he noted.

Musayev said that the Armenians took him to Yerevan:

"If I'm not mistaken, they took me to Yerevan, that's what I understood from their talks. I was discharged from the hospital blindfolded to return to Azerbaijan. But I did not know where I was taken. When I opened my eyes on the plane, the Russian said that you were going to Baku. When I came to Baku, I had strange feelings, I thought I was born for the second time,” the soldier concluded.

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