Dilapidated section of Gendob-Yalama-Russia Federation highway restored

A one-kilometer stretch of road passing through the tourism zone between the villages of Nabran and Shirvanli in the Khachmaz district has been repaired.

The road had been in a deteriorated condition for a long time, SIA reports citing AZERTAC.

The repair work was carried out by the "4th Road Maintenance Department" LLC of the State Agency of Automobile Roads in Khachmaz.

The road was widened using heavy machinery and covered with gravel. Additionally, drainage pipes were installed at six locations along the road.

The chief engineer, Jalaladdin Musayev, stated that residents of Shirvanli, Turist, and Samurcay villages, as well as numerous tourists visiting the area's tourist attractions, use the road passing through Nabran village.

"The deterioration of this section of the road was caused by water from the recreational centers in the area. The road has been repaired, and drainage pipes have been installed to prevent the flow of dirty water onto the road surface. Now, vehicles can move comfortably on the road," said Chief Engineer Jalaladdin Musayev.

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