Who else is among those arrested in French spy network?-NEW DETAILS

In recent days, the issues pertaining to the French spy network exposed in Azerbaijan have become a topic of wide discussion in leading French press news, even the detainee Martin Ryan's father gave interviews wherein he vehemently accused the French intelligence agency DGSE, Observer Online writes, APA reports.

"It turns out that one of the individuals arrested by Azerbaijan's security authority in connection with the case is A. Mammadli, an Azerbaijani national who collaborated with the intelligence officials deployed at the diplomatic mission of France in Azerbaijan. He is accused of establishing extensive secret relationships with French citizen Martin Ryan and being involved in collecting and transmitting necessary information on the region in exchange for being granted French citizenship and financially rewarded. Relevant communications began to unfavorably impact France, rather than serving its interests, leading to detrimental outcomes.

It gets obvious that according to the instructions of intelligence officials, both individuals established relations with various employees of the French giant "Societe Generale" financial conglomerate, which is one of the largest banking networks in the world, A. Mammadli participated in the opening of correspondent accounts of "Societe Generale" in Azerbaijani banks and the formulation of interbank accords on other matters.

The motives of sending A. Mammadli to Northern Ireland for a long time remain undisclosed as of now.

After the detention of the aforementioned persons on December 04 and the exposure of the extensions of the French intelligence network, suspension of the representative offices of “Societe Generale” Bank in 16 African countries on December 07, 2023 is particularly noteworthy. In an endeavor to mitigate losses, the Bank tries not to miss the opportunity to sell its branch networks and the assets of its subsidiaries to local companies in Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Mauritania, Chad and other countries and to rationalize the closures with various excuses.

The fact is that the general failures have spurred debates regarding the suitability of Antoine Creux, Security Director in charge at “Societe Generale” Bank since 2017, a “retired” general who was the ex-chief of the Intelligence and security department in the French Armed Forces.

"Societe Generale" is exactly the same bank that the future billionaire George Soros illicitly accrued wealth via the unauthorized purchase and sale of shares at the expense of the bank's confidential information in 1988, he was convicted in 2002, managed to get away with a large amount of fine.

We keep our attention on the topic," read the article.

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