What is the agenda at the Sochi meeting? THE POLITICAL SCIENTIST EXPLAINED

"Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the only head of state among NATO countries who has normal relations with Russian leader Putin." Political scientist Gabil Huseynli said in his statement to SIA.

The political scientist noted that Erdogan and Putin are in regular contact: "In the process of these relations, they make decisions in the direction of solving both regional and global problems, and the decisions made give results in a short time. In this sense, the importance of the Sochi meeting is great. The Sochi meeting is both regional in nature, it can also make certain contributions to global issues. Ways to achieve a ceasefire in the process of relations between Ukraine and Russia. For a long time, Turkiye has been mediating the parties to achieve a ceasefire on the battlefield.

In this sense, Erdogan manages to maintain normal relations with both Putin and Zelensky. Both parties trust Turkish President Erdogan. Among Turkiye's mediation efforts, the issue of transportation of Ukrainian grain from the Black Sea to the countries of the world is particularly important. As a result of Turkiye's long-term efforts, an agreement was reached for the smooth and safe export of Ukrainian grain from Odessa port. For this purpose, an agreement was signed between the Minister of Defense of Russia Shoigu and the Minister of Defense of Turkiye Akar under the auspices of the UN. That contract is already working. Now it is difficult to give unequivocal opinions about the results of the ceasefire regime between Ukraine and Russia. Because Ukraine does not take a warm approach to the issue of the ceasefire regime and puts forward the complete liberation of its occupied territories as a precondition. Russia also has its own conditions. It is not so easy to say whether Russia can achieve a ceasefire regime and Turkiye's mediation efforts in this direction will be successful."

Adding to his words, Gabil Huseynli said that one of the main issues on the agenda is Turkiye's fight against terrorists in Syria: "Turkiye considers it very important to conduct limited military operations on the Syrian border for the purpose of security. Because both the PKK and the YPG are on the territory of Turkiye. terrorist forces are very widely settled. Terrorist groups pose threats to Turkiye both on the border and inside the country. Therefore, Turkiye intends to clear the territories by carrying out military operations in a distance of 30 kilometers in the south of Syria. A month ago, in the trilateral meeting held in Tehran, the capital of Iran, Putin, Iranian President Raisi and Erdogan were present. Turkiye did not agree to carry out an operation in these areas in order to provide its own security. Turkiye believes that Russia is the key. These operations can be carried out even without Iran's consent."

Finally, the political scientist concluded his opinion that Karabakh will be one of the main topics on the agenda of the Sochi meeting: "Especially against the background of recent events, the Armenian side's violation of the ceasefire regime and the implementation of the "Revenge" operation are among the topics of the agenda. Although Azerbaijan silenced the Armenian armed forces with successful countermeasures, the tension continues. Erdogan will also keep issues that prevent sustainable peace in the region on the agenda. There will be a discussion on the unconditional implementation of all the provisions of the trilateral declaration. The most important issue is the issue of the illegal deployment of Armenian armed forces in upper Karabakh, which is the sovereign territory of Azerbaijan. A promise was given to Azerbaijan regarding the withdrawal of these armed groups in a short period of time. The Armenian side has not kept the promises and prolongs the process with various excuses. There is a common opinion that this issue should be resolved by September 1. Azerbaijan has given the Armenian side time until September 1. If Armenian militants are not removed from the territory of Azerbaijan till then, anti-terrorist operations will continue."

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