Group of servicemen of the Defense Ministry awarded

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has issued orders to award a group of servicemen of the Ministry of Defense.

Under the Order of the head of state, 8 military men have been conferred with supreme military ranks. 2 military persons received the military rank of Lieutenant General, 5 became Major General and 1 received the rank of Major General of Medical Service.

Under another Order signed by the President, 106 military personnel have been awarded with orders and medals for their special services in the preservation of independence and territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan and for excellence in the implementation of their service duties and tasks of their military units. 83 of them were awarded posthumously. One of them was awarded with the “Azerbaijani Flag Order”, 6 with the “Bravery Order” of the 3rd degree and 65 with the “Order for Service to Motherland” of the 3rd degree. In addition, 7 servicemen were awarded with the medal “For Motherland”, 5 with the medal “For Bravery’, 1 with the medal “For Liberation of Sugovushan’, 3 with the medal “For Liberation of Jabrayil”, 2 with the medal “For Liberation of Khojavand”, 4 with the medal “For Liberation of Fuzuli”, 1 with the medal “For Liberation of Gubadli”, 1 with the medal “For Liberation of Shusha” and 10 with the medal “For Military Service”.

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