Azerbaijani President: Armenia has not expressed its position on 3+3 initiative

"I think that the initiatives that are being discussed in the countries of the region are also aimed at positively cooperation. You know that there is a 3+3 initiative, which is supported by Russia, Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan. Georgia has an objection, while Armenia has not expressed its position. Neither yes nor no. Again, there is no position," said President Ilham Aliyev while responding to the question "What about the prospects for the situation in the South Caucasus?" in his interview to editor-in-chief of Russian influential “Natsionalnaya oborona” magazine, well-known military expert Igor Korotchenko, SİA reports.

"And if this is a positive position, then we can start working in this direction. And this, in turn, will serve not only to stabilize and minimize security risks in the region, but will also contribute to the fact that countries of the region will determine their interaction themselves, will decide how they will live themselves. The region will get rid of any external influence. Our position is like this. We are demonstrating it and not only demonstrating it but also working in this direction. With all our neighbors with the exception of Armenia, we have good relations – one might say close and friendly relations. We value them. Therefore, if Armenia joins this format, everyone will only benefit. We are committed to this. But perhaps they need some time. Perhaps the psychological shock they have experienced does not allow them to take important steps for the time being. Because their whole ideology was built on expansionism, on conquest, on fake history. They convinced themselves that they were right. This is their tragedy. They need to live in a new way now, to live in completely different realities. They need to understand that what used to be there will never be there again. They need to soberly assess the balance of powers, the geopolitical situation, the prospect of the balance of powers. They need to soberly assess that, not to go back to illusions and some mythological fables. But we are not seeing that as yet. We are not. But probably the time is not right. Hope, as they say, springs eternal. Let's hope," the head of the state noted.

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