Russian Deputy: "What I saw in Aghdam is military crime"

"I will return to Russia tomorrow. No doubt, I will speak to my colleagues in the State Dum about what I saw here. What I saw here is terrible," said Deputy of the State Duma of Russia, the head of Russia-Azerbaijan interparliamentary friendship group Dmitry Salayev, who is on a visit to Aghdam, APA reports.

D. Savelyev noted that people should see what happened here: “Historical monuments were destructed, now we see it. All this is terrible, and it will be difficult to find words when I tell my colleagues about what I saw here. My colleagues told me about it, and when I was first showed the photos, I saw that it was a terrible sight. But when you look at this scene, you can't convey the emotion. This is elementary looting, they even removed the sewer pipes.”

He noted that there are signs of “mines” everywhere: “The leadership of Armenia refuses to hand over the maps of minefields to the Azerbaijani side. It is quite obvious that by this they hope to prevent the return of the once expelled inhabitants to their ancestral territories. This step clearly demonstrates the mood of the political elite in Armenia. These are non-constructive steps, now we need to move in a peaceful way. That's it, the war is over, we need to restore the territories, we need to live side by side, we need to establish a peaceful life. After all, look at the state of the economy in Armenia, people have left there, there is almost no one left there, but they vote with their feet, and as a result, this is a blockade of Armenia, and it is clear that the territories were blocked because of the occupation. Now we need to accordingly develop, develop economic cooperation, revive life on the territory. Therefore, we expect constructive and sound steps from the Armenian leadership. All areas must be cleared of mines. What I saw now looks like a war crime, a real war crime that has no statute of limitations, has no statute of limitations."

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