29 years passed since massacre of Azerbaijanis by Armenians in Aghdaban village

29 years have passed since the massacre of Azerbaijanis by Armenians in Aghdaban village of Kalbajar, SİA reports.

Armenian Armed Forces and Armenian military units in Nagorno Karabakh committed atrocities against the civilians of Aghdaban over the night from April 7th to 8th, 1992.

All 130 houses of the village were set on fire during the occupation, 779 peaceful residents were massacred and 67 were killed by tortures.

Eight 99-100-year-old men, two babies and 7 women were cremated alive, 12 were grievously harmed and two were missed.

Armenians destroyed and devastated historical-architectural and cultural monuments, as well as shrines and cemeteries of the Turkic-Islamic period in the village. Manuscripts and house museum of Azerbaijani outstanding poet Ashug Gurban and his son Ashug Shamshir were burned.

Note that Aghdaban village is situated in Kalbajar Region of Azerbaijan, 56 km from the regional centre.

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