Kocharyan: State of Armenian army does not allow anyone in sober mind to think about revenge

"The state of Armenia today as a whole and the state of the Armenian army do not allow anyone in a sober mind to think about such a revenge, but an unjust peace cannot last long and cannot be eternal," ex-President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan said this on the air of the Pozner program on Channel One, SİA informs, citing Armenian media.

"Therefore, we must look at the situation as follows: if we want to put an end to this conflict, then we need to find a solution that will be perceived from the point of view of justice with sufficient understanding," Kocharyan said.

He said with the arrival of the new government in Armenia, the Armenian side began to put forward new requirements, resetting everything that came before them. Then came the formula that there can be no negotiations without the participation of separatists, and then - the formula 'Karabakh is Armenia, that's all.'

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